Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Weekend

We're pretty excited about it, let me tell you.
This weekend...

I got my hair cut and dyed for the first time since November.
Fun fact:  if you never do your hair (because you're unemployed) you don't get split ends. 
I also dyed my eyebrows and I'm almost used to them.
Big ole' thangs.

Mike joined a local soccer league and we spent ages in Dick's picking him out new soccer gear.
He has been breaking his new shoes in by wearing them when he walks the dogs.
He looks prrrretty nuts.

We went to DC for the day to see the cherry blossoms, but they were pretty pathetic.
Stupid extra long winter.
Here is one good tree and 8 million tourists.
How can you tell they're tourists you may ask?
1) They're wearing windbreakers
2) They're wearing tennis shoes
3) They constantly stop in the middle of the sidewalk because they are lost

Since the cherry blossoms weren't super exciting, we spent most of the day eating instead.
First, we had a "pre-lunch" at Jaleo.
Jose's ham sandwiches (SO SO SO TASTY) and a cheese plate with cheeses chosen by the bartender because I couldn't decide between all of them.
That and a few too many tasty cocktails.
(It was cheat day after all)

Then, we walked for 8 million hours, saw some cherry blossoms, passed tourists as often as we could, and stalked the food trucks on Twitter while trying to find out way around.
We ended up hoofing it to the water front to find the food trucks.
Neither of us had ever been there and I cannot wait to go back.
Especially to try the crab shack place we realized Anthony Bourdain filmed at. Mmmm crabs.
We ended up trying this food truck:

Holy, holy tasty.
Definitely worth the Twitter stalking and the long walk.

Since we're fatties and a couple tacos isn't going to do it, we also ate at this truck:
I got one filled with different kinds of cheese.
Needless to say, I loved it.

We finished up our fat food truck crawl with this joint:

Sunday has been spent working out, running errands, dog parking it with the dogs, and relaxing while trying to catch up on Mad Men and not eating that feta cheese I know is sitting in the fridge.

Side Note:  if you would like to join the fight to help save DC Food Trucks, go here!


  1. Your weekend looks delicious! We're also working our way to being one of those tourists, but with little standing in the middle of walkways being lost.

    1. Well, you guys will be touring, but you won't be dressed like fuggos and acting like you have no sense of other people being around you. Or I will kick you. Thassa for sure!

  2. Hi dear !!
    You have a great blog !
    I really love it ! (:
    Would you like to follow each other??
    I'm already following u via GFC #106 and bloglovin #92 !
    Follow back? (:

    xx from

    1. Thanks Elisabeth! Can't wait to check out your blog!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome weekend, i been looking for good food trucks here in dallas and its not very common to find something thats not tacos lol.

    1. Oh man do we miss Mexican food though, be thankful you have it!!