Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Revolt Diary - The Future

I haven't posted a blog about Revolt in a while.  My husband and I finished the 6 week uprising and since then, have decided to make some changes for the future of our eating and fitness routines.  I loved doing Revolt and I really believe in the program and especially Nichole.  Seriously, she's the best, I just want to squeeze her face.  We have decided to stop following Revolt to a tee, however.  (This blog post is coming off like a break up, yeesh)  I think the program is amazing for people that need to lose a significant amount of weight and/or people that are just starting their fitness journey (cheesiest phrase ever...fitness journey).  It wasn't perfect for me though because I felt like I needed a lot more weight training on top of just fat burning exercises.  I tried to add weight training on top of the Revolt workouts, but the schedule didn't really work out with my husband and doing two workouts a day wasn't awesome.  So, from now on, we're doing a new fitness routine that builds on some of Nichole's ideas and other fitness programs my husband has researched.  This is the program he has laid out for us starting this week:

My pea sized brain just realized that link isn't going to work once I saved it as a jpeg.  Duh.  It goes to here.

We'll see how it goes and if I feel like I'm not burning enough fat, I plan to add either some of Nichole's circuits back on or another form of cardio a couple days a week.

When it comes to food, we are sticking with the principles of Nichole's plan:  high on protein, very low on sugar, low on carbs and fat, lots of veggies and healthy fats.  Instead of following her menus every week, we are just adapting our favorite recipes to fit into the program, using some of Nichole's recipes, and finding new ones to add to our Chuck Norris trapper keeper (that's where we keep our recipes of course).  Here is our menu for the first week:

Breakfasts:  Nichole's egg white and oats pancakes (recipe found here) or egg white scrambled eggs with spinach and peppers.

Lunches:  Chicken Curry Soup (recipe found here) which is one of our fave recipes from before the diet that we are converting to be a little more healthy.  That basically just means removing the sugar and not sauteing the veggies in olive oil beforehand.  Our other lunch is another old favorite Falafal Pitas (new recipe found here).  An old favorite made healthier by buying whole wheat pitas, baking the falafels instead of frying them, and using skinny tzatziki (recipe found here).

Dinners:  Superfood Salad w/ Lemon Vinaigrette (recipe found here) is one of Mike's all time fave Spring/Summer dishes.  We made it healthier by removing the sugar from the dressing and only using half the amount of olive oil in the dressing.  Shrimp and Pea Rice Bowl (recipe found here) was one of our old recipes that didn't need tweaking at all, we were so excited!  Low-Fat Chicken Enchiladas (recipe found here) is a new one that we're trying out to see if we can actually have tasty Mexican food while eating healthy.

Snacks:  Fat-free Greek yogurt and strawberries, after-workout protein shakes, and Banana Oat Breakfast Muffins (recipe found here).  For the muffins, I use honey instead of white sugar, but you can use sugar substitutes as well.

Desserts:  Mike likes to have raisins, almonds, and a banana as his nightly dessert while I'm currently obsessed with sugar free jello pudding.  Fun fact:  a lot of the sugar free cookies are FULL of fat calories.  It's pretty bad.  Read your labels!

Overall, I'm really glad I signed up for Revolt.  It was a great kick-start to eating healthier/cleaner and to being more into being fit as opposed to wandering around the gym, lifting lighter weights, and watching Mike sweat his butt off.  I didn't take final measurements or anything  but I feel stronger and healthier and I honestly can't wait to continue this plan!  I definitely recommend Revolt, especially if you have a good amount to lose and are just now starting to work out seriously.  Check it out here!


  1. I love you new fitness journey! :) Two years ago, you scoffed at the idea of working out at all. You've accomplished so much!

  2. I loved getting to know you Val! Tear it up at the gym :)))