Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life Lately According to My iPhone

I didn't do a This Sunday Currently today because...Jesus? I don't know. I'm in a mood. BUT as I type, we have homemade lobster stock bubbling on the stove, Mike is dicing preserved lemon that has been hiding in the pantry for a couple weeks, and giant chunks of fresh lobster meat in the fridge waiting to be added to risotto later on tonight so that should lift my mood right up! So here is my life lately according to my iPhone. 

Cocktails on the back patio of Port Tobacco Marina Thursday night

The only part of Easter I actually care about

Drivin' Muzzy won battle of the bands on Thursday wahoo!
So we actually left the house Thursday night and went to a country bar. We stood out a little bit because I wore booties and Mike wore a pink tee (whoops) but it was still pretty darn fun and the band was great and I'm so glad they won!

I love this outfit no matter how unflattering it is!

Unemployment means binge watching True Blood since I never finished watching it the first time


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