Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pinspirations - Jeans, Jeans & More Jeans

I started doing a Pinspirations lookbook for Keaton Row the other day and realized every photo I was attracted to were great transition pieces from Winter to Spring using jeans. So I went with it. Here is how I would recreate these four Pinterest looks with each piece costing under $100 each. (Whoops except one piece is $104...I was close!)

(And yes Laura, I included overalls...I'm on team overalls!!)

The first Pinspiration is one of my favorite easy looks - denim on denim. Or the Candadian tuxedo which is much more fun to say.

denim on denim

Top:  Hinge, $68
Jeans:  ASOS, $56.44
Scarf:  Leith, $34
Shoes:  Sam Edelman, $89.95
Tote:  Topshop, $76
Bracelet:  Anne Klein, $30
All can be viewed and purchased here.

The second Pinspiration is my "controversial" overalls choice. I know that some people aren't into the whole overalls for adults thing, but I just love them. Maybe it's because I hate wearing pants so much? Either way, if Blair says it's okay, it's okay. That's my rule. 


Overalls:  Blank Denim, $104
Top:  ASOS, $19.76
Scarf:  Collection XIIX, $29
Heels:  Isola, $89.95
Flats:  BP, $49.95
(I gave two options for shoes because I think a lot of people would feel more comfortable wearing flats or sandals with overalls then heels and I just love those flats so much)
Tote:  Ted Baker, $60
Bracelet:  Betsey Johnson, $40
All can be viewed and purchased here.

My third Pinspiration is a really fun mix of sporty and feminine made up of very easily re-mixed pieces. Love it.

Balancing Act| Penny Pincher Fashion

Top:  Rxmance, $69
Blazer:  ASOS, $84.66
Jeans:  ASOS, $56.44
Shoes:  Converse, $44.95
Clutch:  Halogen, $88
Necklace:  Natasha Couture, $48
All can be viewed and purchased here.

My last Pinspiration for today is a super classic look that is perfect for Fall or early Spring and can be worn with a ton of different shoes, bags, and jewelry. I really really need to get my hands on a great plaid shirt like this one.


Top:  Caslon, $58
Blazer:  ASOS, $39.51 (great deal!!)
Jeans:  KUT from the Kloth, $79.50
Heels:  ASOS, $47.05
Bag:  Lagos, $63.65 (I would buy navy to go with this outfit instead of camel)


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