Monday, April 7, 2014

Life Lately aka iPhone Dump

Unemployment means I spend a lot of time taking obnoxious pictures of my pug. But he's so damn cute!!

I left the house AND wore actual outfits twice last week. What?!

Friday, we spent the day in DC for an interview and had a super tasty lunch at Mike Isabella's restaurant Graffiato. I am more than a little obsessed with Top Chef so I love going to alum's restaurants and seeing how successful they have been since the show. The lunch was delicious and exciting and I didn't spill anything on myself before my interview! While there, we picked up a signed copy of his cookbook and cannot wait to make gnocchi for our next Sunday Night Dinner (except we can't find a potato ricer anywhere in this podunk town so we have to order one online and wait).

The weather was amazing on Saturday so we spent some time wine tasting at Slack and enjoying a glass out on the lawn. We love their wine and the location, but an added bonus this time was the socially awkward man who showed up in sweatpants, thought that since a large group of people were standing at the wine tasting counter that we were all a party he accidentally interrupted, tasted one glass and then yelled at the woman pouring, "DO YOU HAVE ANY WHITES FOR PURCHASE?!", bought a bottle and a random bunny shaped vase, didn't taste any more wine, and walked out. It was very entertaining for some reason. 


  1. Ooooh, wine on that lawn? Sign me up!

    1. Right?! It's the loveliest winery, so nice!