Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: The 5th Outlander book still. I've been the worst reader since I've been unemployed!

Writing: A couple blog posts and some e-mails to a friend I miss!

Listening: To the dogs freaking out and running around the house like crazy people after their baths.

Thinking: That I need to stop eating these sour watermelon candies or I will barf.

Smelling:  My sour candies and wet dog.

Wishing:  For a job and clarity...the usual.

Hoping: That I will get rid of this damn cough soon.

Wearing: I'M NOT WEARING PAJAMA PANTS GUYS!! Today I am wearing a black long sleeved tee with grey sleeves, grey gaucho pants, and black flats. Not super appropriate for where I live, but I feel cute. It's basically a less expensive copy of this outfit.

Loving: That the weather is so effing beautiful lately.

Wanting:  To feel better so I can start working out my fat ass again.

Needing: I would say a job, but oh man I don't really want one right now. (Lazy ass)

Feeling: Coughy, sleepy, happy, and full.

Clicking:  MD Unemployment to file my weekly webcert, Pinterest for some outfit inspiration, Reddit just because, and Facebook to chat with a friend.

A couple other things...

Now that the weather is nice, I can come out and watch Mike play on his soccer teams. So fun even though I have no idea what's going on.

These guys say hi.

Made gnocchi last night our fancy weekly dinner and they were delish!



  1. i make gnocchi,too!! super easy and tasty :)

    hope you find a job!! (i know how that is,i am still looking for my first real teaching position...).

    happy sunday!

    1. The job search sucks for sure!! I am enjoying sleeping in every day though!