Monday, April 14, 2014

My Happy Place

I've talked about my love for Slack Winery on here before, but since the weather has been nice (finally) it's really become my little happy place. We spend the mornings getting ready really slowly, walking the dogs in the sun, eating bagels for breakfast, Mike watching soccer, and me drinking coffee in bed. At noon, we zoom off to Slack and spend a couple hours sipping their delicious wines, chatting with their awesome employees, and sitting outside on the grass enjoying the weather and beautiful views. It's so nice and peaceful and oh man, I just love these days so much. Here are some pictures from Saturday's Slack trip, because I just can't help myself!

To be fair, Mike gets bored easily, so he brings his Kindle to read while I walk around and take pictures and yammer on about nothing.

Happy man.

Hanging my feet off the dock.

Awesome photo taken by the lovely Lauren of us hanging with the winery's rescue dog Doug.

Fun fact: this visit, we sat pretty far away by the back entrance to the B&B (the white building behind us). Since the weather was so nice, the door to the B&B was open the whole time. We kept noticing a nutria running up and seemingly thinking about running into the building to find food or shelter or whatever nutrias want. We closed the door and warned some people about it and it turns out no one there had ever heard of nutria. So in case you haven't either, these are them:

They kind of look like a mix between an otter and a beaver and are pretty dang cute, but I still don't think you want one running loose in your business or house. It was pretty entertaining to watch that thing run around while we drank wine and freak everyone else out by pointing it out and introducing them to a new species.


  1. I can honestly say I have never seen or heard of a Nutria! but I will keep my eyes open now. I love watching the ducks, geese, swans and hawks fly around at Woodlawn and I would love to see this furry lil guy. I just hope my first sighting isn't in the house! haha

  2. Is that the image from Woodlawn or is that a stock photo? My first instinct is that it would be a muskrat but that is definitely a picture of a Nutria. That's bad news for SoMD.

    1. It's a photo I grabbed from google. I didn't take any photos of the little guy while he was running around. There are nutria in Southern MD, but the only reason I know that is because I used to work at the local museum and there was a whole display on them in the invasive species section. The ones I've seen are pretty scared of people and always run away.