Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Nothing, I really need to pick up reading again!

Writing: E-mails, blog posts, and our grocery list for the week.

Listening: To Mike watching soccer in the other room.

Thinking: That I need to lose some g-damn weight.

Smelling:  My hairspray.

Wishing:  For a job and ten less pounds on my fat ass.

Hoping: That it's not too windy outside today during Mike's soccer games.

Wearing: Two This Sunday Currently posts in a row not wearing pj pants...huzzah! Right now I'm wearing some old Gap jean shorts (old because they are my only shorts that fit, ahem), a yellow and blue striped J.Crew top, clear drop earrings, and a brown wrap bracelet.

Loving: That we have had such a great weekend so far.

Wanting:  Motivation.

Needing: To lose some weight (this post has a theme) and to go put makeup on.

Feeling: Sleepy, chubby, and happy.

Clicking:  Gmail to send some e-mails, Revolt to work on my detox for next week, Reddit because duh, and Facebook.

A couple other things...

On Friday, we met my dad and step-mom in Annapolis for the day. Since we got there early, we stopped in to Dry 85 for some delicious cocktails. Cannot wait to come back here and try more.

Yesterday, we spent the day at Jubilee Farms to celebrate the blessing of the vines for Slack Winery. I still cannot believe we live so close to beautiful farms like this. So gorgeous.



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