Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Here's a little advice from me to you.
Don't go to bed with soaking wet, unbrushed hair.

That shit will haunt your dreams.

Yours Truly,


P.S. I spelled advice wrong TWICE so maybe you shouldn't listen to me about anything.
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  1. hahahahahah I DO THAT ALL THE TIME. I have wavy hair that kinks like no other, and when I wake up, I ended up being so pissed off. The knots and weird loops in my hair are one of my pet peeves. I would literally wash my hair again and be late to work, because of that. Hahahha...

    1. I'm too lazy so I put it in a topknot!

      I feel so bad for my husband that he wakes up to that!

  2. I can only advise you to continue spelling advice the way you do. As for the hair, mine looks like that every morning and I never go to bed with wet hair.