Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things I Did Tonight Instead of Homework

Things I did tonight instead of things I should have been doing like shopping for our Open House at work and homework:

1)  Went for a run in 100+ heat, got sick, walked most of the second half, and vowed never to run in the heat again.
2)  Ate the second half of my giant, tasty Greek sandwich from lunch with hummus.
3)  Watched RHWONJ much to Mike's chagrin.
4)  Read 8 million posts of Kelly Hicks Design's Blog (this is a problem I have when I find a new blog I love, I read the ENTIRE thing start to finish in a couple of sittings)
5)  Learned how to download and use Photoshop Elements actions for free from Pioneer Woman.
6)  Played with said actions.
But seriously, how cool is this?!  (I'm a dork)
7)  Got obsessed with it and now have a burning desire for more.
8)  Wrote the introduction for my new online class (because that took the least amount of work of any of my assignments).
9)  Laid in bed while my husband fell asleep and took pictures of myself.
Pardon the boobs.

10)  And my feet.
30 Rock playing of course.

11)  Took a shower.
12)  Got back online and read more blog posts.
13)  Wrote a blog about it because I feel so guilty.
14)  I have issues.


  1. DUDE thanks for the tip about Kelly's blog! love, love LOVE stumbling upon new design blogs... it's my weakness.

    1. Get ready to be sucked in, she's a good one!


  2. i do self photos too of me (and candids of my beau) when we're just hanging out in my room, esp when he starts snoring. I win.
    oh no... you just ruin my concentration to sleep with Kelly's blog. New blog discovery rules.

    xo Rima

    1. Ha! I want to see a picture of him snoring!