Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cray Cray

I didn't have time to take proper outfit pictures yesterday.
This week has been crazy.
If I were someone else, I would probably call it cray cray.
But I just can't pull that off.
Just like I can't pull off calling other women "girlfriend."
Or winking.
But yeah, here's what I wore yesterday.

How giant does my head look in this picture?!

Top:  J.Crew Factory, Similar
Skirt:  F21, Similar
Shoes:  Payless
Necklaces:  Premier, Similar

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  1. Your big head makes your legs look tiny! Look at those little itty bitty feet!

    1. Ha! It's the angle dammit!

      And the fact that I have a giant pumpkin head.

  2. haha... funny thing is that I call my female patients "hayyy gurlfrieeenddd" sometimes. Shame, i know.

    1. It's not a shame if you can pull it off!

      I said "getting my hair did" today and I feel like I pulled that off...maybe.

  3. I love that you put both of those necklaces together. Clever and daring!


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