Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Over the weekend we went camping up in Yosemite and had a blast.
People actually laughed at me when they found out I was going camping.
Because, well, I like showers and I'm kind of a whiny turd sometimes.
BUT I prevailed (and bought a tree shower, thank you)
This actually was the first time Mike and I ever camped together so that was fun.
Although, we both admitted we're more "hotel" people.
Or at least RV people.
Regardless, we had a lot of laughs and aside from all the work camping actually is, it turned out to be pretty darn relaxing.
Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Henry, the squirrel snuck into camp while we were out and ate quite a lot of peanuts. He never left us alone again.  Sneaky bastard.

These marshmallows were obscenely large.

I may have taken a ton of sneak attack photos of Mike showering...

This is what happens when you tell me that you forgot to pack the cheese, lunch meat, and hot dogs.

Serious camping faces.

Mike takes his games seriously.

Sometimes I drink wine out of plastic coffee mugs...

And then you eat lobster taquitos out of a gas station...


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