Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five For Friday!

This week has been a pretty great one.
Any week that doesn't include starting a new class and also has an extra day off in the middle of it pretty much rocks my socks.
So here are my 5 favorite things from this sock rockin' week for Lauren's H54F over at From My Grey Desk Blog.

(1) Hanging out with my mom a ton this week and her muppet dog Bailey.
(2) Sitting outside reading and drinking wine with the hubs, the dogs, and a nice summer breeze.
(3) Texts from my sister.  She's my favorite weirdo.
(4) Making friendship bracelets again (I apparently had more patience when I was younger, this sh*t takes forever!)
(5) Watching the hubs and my mom work on her house together and walk around Home Depot together like I'm not even there.  They're quite the little odd couple when I'm not around.


  1. I want your moms dog. Seriously, she won't miss it right? :)

    Love your blog, make sure to stop by and say hello sometime!

    1. She'll prooobably fight you for her!!