Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scenes from a BBQ

I always go places with the intention of taking way more pictures.  
And then I have a beer (or two) and get engrossed in conversation and completely forget.
Also, our camera is not "chick in fedora" compatible and the top of my hair was a mess so the hat was staying on!
Here are a few pics we took (cell phone and camera) of a fun little bbq for the mo-in-law's birthday.
Mike rocking his first tank top. 
Me and bro-in-law
Mike and I

The moms shared a beer, which I found adorable.

Mo-in-law and Uncle-in-law

In case anyone cares...

Mike's Tank:  Nordstrom Rack
Mike's Shorts:  Gift, Old Navy
Mike's Shoes (that you can't see):  Gift, Sperry
My outfit you can see here!


  1. Can we PLEASE discuss this tank top? Oh and his arms? Dying.

    1. He plans to wear the tank top camping so you get the full view pretty soon!

  2. Oh gawd, I don't know if I can handle