Monday, July 30, 2012


We partied prettty hard the night before I wore this outfit.
And by partying hard, I mean we stayed up past midnight and I drank the equivalent of a bottle of wine by myself.
At this point in our lives, that's a rager.
(Side note, while getting my hair done once by my younger and cooler stylist, she asked her friend if they were going to "rage" that night and I asked, "Where's Rage?"  I'm old.)
Needless to say after partying like that, I woke up feeling not awesome.
Hence, the fedora.
My dirty hair, hangover cover.
Also, to be fair, I only wore the cute version of this outfit for like an hour while we ran some errands and then I changed into this:
Try not to fall in love with me everybody.

Hat:  F21, Similar
Shirt:  NY & Co, Similar
Shorts:  Old Navy, Similar
Sandals:  F21, Similar
Necklace that you can't really see:  Gift, Similar