Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five For Friday

This week flew by.
In a not so great way.
Work kicked my patoot this week.
And I'm sleepy and have a goodly amount of homework this weekend.
So to focus on the good (which really is the whole point of this H54F right?!) here are the 5 best things about this week.

I could not be more attractive in this photo.

Awkward leg positions shave off pounds ladies!

(1)  How my rings looks SO much shinier and prettier in the grocery store.  Gives me something to stare at while hubs tries to choose a tea.
(2)  Wearing this gem of a random necklace I found in my mom's craft drawer.
(3)  Waking up on Monday to find a chai soy latte sitting by our coffee maker.
(4)  Doing our running on a treadmill, inside, with AC, a tv on the treadmill, and a built-in fan that blows in your face.  Amazing.
(5)  Taking this magical picture of myself where I look 10lbs skinnier and everyone told me all day how thin I was.  If I were a shady online dater, I would totally use this photo as my profile pic.

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