Thursday, March 28, 2013

A DIY That Actually Worked!

Are you ready for this?
I did a DIY that actually worked!
The world MIGHT end.
No joke.
(It's also the worlds easiest DIY so....)

So, when we moved here we accidentally started the habit of getting Gizmo a squeaky toy every time we went to Target.
And now, any time we come back from a store he stands there watching us unload everything waiting for his toy.
And he makes the saddest face if there is no toy at the end of the unloading.
But he destroys those things in like five minutes and they're like five bucks a pop so we were getting sick of this.

To keep the pup and our wallets happy, I decided to re-purpose the destroyed toys.
I bought a bag of squeakers for way cheap on Amazon.

via Amazon

I cut open the hole in the toy a little bigger (I do not understand how he gets his nose in these tiny holes and pulls out the squeakers.  He's amazing.) and shoved a new squeaker in there.
I then sewed up the hole and just like that, brand new squeaker toy!

Worst sewing job ever, but Gizmo didn't mind.

Good as new!

Gizmo was happy as a little corgi clam.
I already have one hidden for when we get home from Target tonight!
He'll never know...


  1. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING! Seriously, our little pup kills squeakers like its her job. Thanks for the info! :)

  2. Well done! And cut pictures of Gizmo. I looks like he loves it.