Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting Good At Stuff - Working Out

So things have been trucking along here with working out.
My little extra daily workout is getting easier which is nice although my burpees are pretty embarrassing.
While at the gym on Saturday, Mike and I started talking about how just lifting weights with him wasn't cutting it.
I need to add exercises to cut through my fat rather than just building muscle like he does.
Especially on my badonk and thighs.
(Badonk sounds less abrasive than ass, yes?)
Lo and behold, when I got home from the gym that day, I had an offer waiting in my inbox to join Revolt and blog about it.
Revolt is an exercise and diet plan put together by this awesome woman who was sick of gaining and losing the weight after having her four kids and ending up "skinny fat" something I've always struggled with too (the skinny fat not the kids)
So she started kicking her own ass,  got super hot, and eventually got licensed and now has created this awesome program.
It's a pretty great program because it's all doable at home, no gym membership needed, it's realistic, and it's affordable.
I start Monday.
I'm nervous.
But it should be great and I'm going to blog about it once a week on here to hold myself accountable and tell you guys how the program works.

**I will admit that since this is happening super short notice for me, I'm starting the diet a week off.  My sister comes Thursday and our plans all revolve around restaurants so...yeah.

But the workouts start tomorrow as scheduled.
Get ready to hear some whining and check out Revolt if you're interested in starting your own uprising!


  1. how exciting! excited to follow along and see what revolt is all about! :)

  2. Lets do this! Doing revolt too! I'm excited to follow along with fellow bloggers!

  3. Another revolter here! So excited! This is just what I need to get myself in gear!