Monday, March 11, 2013

Revolt Week 1 Down!

Hey All!
I've been MIA because my sister was here visiting (our first visitor yay!) and I now have a nasty cold.
But during all of that, I also started my first week of Revolt Now Fitness!
We haven't started the diet yet, but I did the week of workouts and they kicked my ass.
She has separate days for fat burning, upper body, and lower body and the fat burning days are BRUTAL.
Pistol squats and t-thrusters are now my mortal enemies!
I will say I feel pretty great though.
Being able to finish one of these ass kicking workouts has been awesome and makes you feel really good about yourself.
I'll definitely post more details and be less of a lazy blogger this next week, but I just wanted to check in!
If you want to start your revolt...go here!


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