Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Good At Stuff - Being Happy

I have a tendency to be kind of a pessimist.
I have been known to non-ironically say "Everything is the worst."
Which my husband finds hilarious because he doesn't think anything is the worst.
But it can be hard for me to be happy.
I struggle with depression and jealousy and darkness.
So now that I'm focusing on getting good at things, one of those things will be being happy.
Happy with what I have, happy with who I am, just happy.
One of the ways I'm working on getting good at that is signing up for this site Happify.
It's a site that uses daily activities to get you to focus on the important things in your life and to be happy with what you have.
To find happiness in your everyday.
It's cheesy.
And I'm loving it.
(And no, this isn't a sponsored post, I just really love this dang site)
One of the first assignments we did was to walk around your home and savor what you have.  To look at physical items you own and see the value in them based on who gave them to you or the memories they evoke rather than price or quality.
I chose three items in our home and wrote down why I love them for those reasons and it helped me to focus on being happy with what I already have.
I chose the prints framed above our dining room table that my dad bought for us in Paris and the poster my mom bought during our wedding weekend in Lodi.

These things aren't the most expensive or desirable pieces in our home, but they make me so happy because they were given to me by people who love and support me.
It's a really nice way to look at your things and be happy with what you already have.

If any of you want to join and haven't gotten an invite, go here!


  1. Hey Val, I really liked reading this post! I am a pretty positive person when it comes to most things but I am a totally worrier and will focus on the negative when this happens. I'm totally going to have to try to happify! I love the honesty in your post.


    1. I'm supposed to get a code to send to my readers so they can join. I'll make sure to send it to you when I get it!

    2. Here you go!

  2. I really want to visit this site now...thank you for sharing it! Oh and I really love your book case! :)

    Ashley @

    1. Thanks so much and the bookcase is from Urban Outfitters!

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