Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good Eats

I start a diet next week.
That is mostly eggs.
So....I'm not excited.
Let's talk about tasty non-diet recipes we've tried and lovely lately!

One Pan Roast Herby Fish via The Majestic Wine Blog
We tweeked this a little bit with larger tomatoes and no anchovies.  I also think you should halve the amount of parsley in the gremolata.
Overall though, super tasty and filling, loved it.

Red Lentil Curry via Real Simple
We couldn't find red lentils anywhere so we used plain and our scallions went bad so we thinly sliced some regular onions in there (it's always something with us).
This recipe was easy and filling and good.  Definitely making again.

Now I'm off to boil some eggs...


  1. That minestrone soup would be perfect on a day like today!