Monday, March 4, 2013

Campus Book Rentals

Remember when I was in grad school and complained about it all the time on here?
That sucked.
But one of the best things about enrolling in school this time around as opposed to my young whipper snapper days was finding out that you can RENT your textbooks now.
I seriously saved so much money renting those big ole' books rather than forking out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for them.
One of my favorite companies to rent from was Campus Book Rentals.
They had great prices, free shipping, a huge selection and they donate to Operation Smile with every textbook you rent from them.
They've also recently started a new site Rent Back where students like you and me can rent our own textbooks out to others to make a little extra cash.
So we can buy more books (or beer).
I think they're pretty awesome and so does my wallet.
Check out a little bit more about them in the video below or by clicking here and remember to thank your lucky stars I'm done with grad school so you don't have to hear me bitch about it anymore every day...


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