Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Revolt Diary - Week 1

I'm counting this as my week 1 because even though I did the workouts last week, I wasn't on the diet so it was easy peasy.
I mean...the workouts kicked my ass, but it was nothing like this damn diet so...easy peasy.
Let's start by saying, I hate diets.
Hate them.
For many reasons.
Because I'm a control freak, because I don't like being told what to do, because I love food, and because I don't want to start something that when I stray from it or stop it, I blow up in weight.
So I didn't have the best attitude starting this diet. 
I was actually pretty pissy whilst walking through BJ's picking up our chicken and 8 million eggs.
Thankfully, the hardest part of the diet only lasts 6 days and my saint of a husband was doing it along with me even though he's the fittest, thinnest person I know.
That first week's diet is a sugar and carb detox which means you are basically eating meat and veggies all week.

A bowl full of weeds.  Now, I love salads, but 3 cups of spinach twice a day is a lot (also I miss feta cheese).

Mike has basically taken to shotgunning the entire salad because he's sick of the spinach.
I watched him grab a handful of undressed spinach leaves the other day and shove them in his mouth.
It's pretty funny.

My favorite meal of the day:  sirloin and salad.  Yummers.

Here are my thoughts during the 6 days on the Revolt sugar detox:

Day 1:
 Oh holy hell these egg whites are DISGUSTING.
I'm full and don't feel bloated...score!
 Mike:  "Wait, we can have sugar free cookies right?" (poor guy)
Didn't drink any damn water, whoops.

Day 2: 
Egg whites/banana pancakes are much improved from nasty scrambled egg whites.
 I'm no longer full and I'm pissy about it.
I miss fruit.
I cheated and ate an apple while Mike ate a banana.
I basically made love to that apple.
Still didn't drink any water.
I'm tired and fussy.

Day 3:
I finally started drinking my water.
Holy crap, people who drink water pee a lot.
These chicken/brussel sprout/sweet potato bowls are delicious.
Mike is sick of them.
Mike ate another banana (cheater).
We cannot stop talking about where we're going to eat on our cheat day.
I don't crave sweets at all, just fruit...oh God, I want an orange.
We realized that next week we can actually substitute foods like cucumbers for carrots.  This was mind blowing and made our day.

Day 4:
Worst day so far, I couldn't finish my eggs and I feel really deflated and sad and hungry
I look like this:

Not cute.

And I am TIRED, my body misses carbs.
Normal Val would quit at this point.
But, instead, I whined a bunch, laid on the floor while Gizmo licked my face for like 20 minutes and then went to the gym.
The gym perked me up and I added abs to my arm workout for the day as punishment for my whining.
Then we went to Target and bought some supplies for our cheat day and ended up with yogurt and strawberries.

I think clean eating has gone to our heads, but holy balls we can't wait to eat that yogurt!

Day 5:
We decided since I was having such a bad time yesterday to move up cheat day and have it today.
It started with fat free Greek yogurt, Bear Naked Fit granola, strawberries and bananas (seriously, once you've cut out sugar, this meal is TO DIE FOR).
Then lunch at Ruddy Duck Brewery where we had gluten free beers and a Greek pizza with a side of hummus.
Oh feta I've missed you.
Then Panera bread for dinner (sandwich and soup my fave) and a cookie for dessert.
Oh and wine.
We missed wine a lot.
We really enjoyed what we ate and we didn't overdo it.  It was like a special treat so that was fun.
We had a big talk at lunch about changing how we eat and how much we are loving this program...we were pretty pumped.
Also had an amazing workout that day (pre-beer and wine of course)

Day 6:
Energy finally!
Over the detox hump, this feels great!

Day 7:
So excited that this is almost over.
Not tired, not hungry, feeling great.
So excited to eat sugar free pudding and yogurt tomorrow!!

Moral of the story:
Sugar detoxes are not for sissies.
Thankfully, Nichole's diet has 4 out of the 5 meals of the day that are tasty and filling and great.
Egg whites will always suck.
The Revolt program rocks because there is an amazing group of women supporting each other through the hell of sugar detox week.
Doing this will help you get ready for the diet (anything is better than this!) and change your cravings.

I'll post some of my results next week since I measured/weighed on a weird day.
And don't forget to check out Revolt!

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program out. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. oy, sounds like a rough diet! we have been eating a TON of veggies and less carbs lately. we're drinking green monsters every other day to get our spinach though, i am not a spinach fan. so combining it with silk milk + a banana + blueberries makes it bearable! also, that granola is fantastic, it's the only kind i'll buy. good luck with week 2!!

    1. Thanks hun! That shake sounds goooood. I bet your body is so happy!

  2. My detox week was HELL. I cheated ummm....THREE DAYS. I was just like you in that all I really wanted was a freaking apple or strawberries!Then week 2 I was outta town and said screw the nutrition part. Now I'm back at it! Just finished today's work out (plus Tuesday's because I missed it) and I feel great. Gotta get better with the water and supplement parts too! So excited to be keeping up with your progress! Going to check out the rest of your blog now : )

    heart, Melanie from My Billie

    1. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to check out your blog! Revolt family, sister!!

  3. Felllow Revolt Blogger Here!! I was dying! I did my detox a few weeks ago and had a lot of the same feelings as you had outlined in your post!!! Too funny! Keep up the good work it gets easier and the food gets WAY better ;)

    1. Hi Andie! I'm done with the detox now thankfully!!!