Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Instagram Shops

I just recently became obsessed with a new thing on instagram - the clothing shops.
Did you know about this?
Probably, I'm usually super late to the game.
There are all these women on there selling vintage/thrift finds or re-selling their gently used clothing and it's amazeballs!
The grand puba of instagram shops is of course Karla Reed.
Have you seen her instagram account?  Ohhh the cute outfits.
Here's one of my faves:

Found here

She has an insanely popular instagram shop called Chic Thrifty.
Here pieces rock and they sell out in seconds.
Like this little number:

Here are some of my other favorite shops.
(Be prepared to get addicted to instagram shopping!)

(I got this one and it fits perfectly!)

From Vgtgyuyu
ModCloth for cheap!

Cynthia Rowley!!

Oh this necklace!!

What do you guys think about this new trend?


  1. I love it I bet Ebay is mad, lol. On the Brink of the Couture is a great one too


  2. Definitely thinking about doing this when I move to sell any items I no longer want in my closet!

    1. It's pretty cool right? You can find some really good deals too.