Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting To Know You

If, after reading the title of this blog post, you now have a song from The King and I stuck in your head, we should be friends.

Right now, I'm home unemployed and sick with a cold (thanks for that by the way Mike) and I'm sleepy and haven't showered yet and basically I'm the worst.

Therefore, nothing to blog about.

So I'm going to respond to Amanda's questions she put out there for all us blogging weirdos to get to know each other better because we feel like we know each other, but we actually don't.

Which is so true. I'm constantly telling my husband stories about bloggers I read and I never know how to preface it. My friend, this blogger I read, you know that chick I mention all the time? It's weird.

So here are the questions and have a lovely day, I will shower eventually I promise.

1)  Are you right or left handed?  I'm right handed. My husband and mother are both left handed and super smug about it. Lefties...pshaw.

2)  How tall are you?  I'm 5'2 which I think is average height, but I guess it's actually pretty short. I can never reach things and it's inconvenient. And my friend O always calls me midge instead of my name. But it is nice to feel small a lot just because I'm shorter than people.

3)  How do you feel about hugs?  I LOVE HUGS. I'm such a hugging whore. Oh man. If we meet for the first time, I will hug you. I hate fake, tense hugs. I want to get IN THERE. Oh man oh man, you do not understand how much I love hugging.  And my husband? He HATES them. Whenever I hug him, he calls it "latching on" and he tenses up and then a couple seconds later, awkwardly pats me on the back and backs away. It's the worst.

The End.

Because every blog post needs a photo.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Ugh, sick sucks. But yay for hugs that really get in there :)

  2. I'm 5'2 too and always feel so short!

    1. I think we're JUST under average. And shelves are friggin' high!

  3. Ha! Latching on. That's funny. I think 5'2" is pretty short, but then again my family is a bunch of all people, so there's that. Great answers :) Hopefully you feel better soon!