Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My First Day of Unemployment (This Time)

Alright, yesterday was technically my first day of unemployment, but it turned out to be a snow day where my old work was closed anyways so I'm not counting it.

Today, today we'll call my first real day of unemployment.

Here are things I did on my first day back into that soul sucking thing we call unemployment:

  • Slept in
  • Watched tv with my husband who got to go into work late due to the icy ass roads
  • Applied for unemployment
  • Applied for 3 jobs
  • Made cookie dough (for eating, not baking)
  • Ate a really weird, not healthy lunch (like you do when you are home alone all day)
  • Took the dogs for a harrowing walk in the ice and snow
  • Watched a lot of tv
  • Cut my own bangs
  • Answered a bunch of e-mails
  • Took too many selfies
  • Did some butt exercies
  • Worked out
Now I'm blogging while my husband makes us rum french toast and bloody mary's and alright, this day of unemployment wasn't so darn bad.

The corgi doesn't mind that I'm home all day again.

The pug only minds when I do crap like this to him.

Bangs! (again)


  1. I am currently unemployed too! Though I quit mine because I needed to get out of that unhealthy environment. Yesterday was my 15th day but since we took a long vacation it really only felt like my 3rd day. I worked out and went to the movies and saw Frozen and Non Stop. I may or may not have just walked into the theatre Non Stop was playing in... Haha! Here is hoping we both find new jobs soon!

    1. Sounds like a great unemployment day! I hope we both do too!!