Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: I've moved on to the 5th Outlander book because I crushed the 4th one on our recent trip.

Writing: This blog post of course and some e-mails.

Listening: To Mike watching soccer in the other room. Thankfully, the effing birds who kept repeating the same 3 notes for about half an hour this morning are done. I could have killed those little buggers.

Thinking: That I'm really sad I got Mike's cold. Bad timing, cold!

Smelling:  The coffee I'm drinking.

Wishing:  To feel better soon.

Hoping: That Friday goes well.

Wearing: Giant brown VS pajama pants, a white tank top, and a leopard print cardigan. It's a mess.

Loving: That we have nothing to do today and that I got to sleep in until 9:30 this morning.

Wanting:  To know the future.

Needing: To take a shower and go drink some water or tea for this cold.

Feeling: Coughy, sleepy, and nervous.

Clicking:  MD Unemployment to file my weekly webcert, Shutterfly to claim my free address labels (I get so many free labels from that joint, I'm addicted), the archives of What Would A Nerd Wear, and ASOS' big sale.  

A couple other things...

We did the Taste of Solomons yesterday which was fun, but a little bit of a bust so we ditched it and hunkered down at Lotus Kitchen with some key lime pie and prosecco cocktails.

If Gizmo wants to be played with or wants his dinner, he sits and stares at Mike like this panting and looking basically hysterical until Mike can't take it anymore. My favorite part of this picture is Mike trying desperately to play it cool and ignore Gizmo as long as he can.



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    1. It's soooo good. They only sell key lime pie there and they have it down perfectly. Oh man.