Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Still reading the 4th Outlander book and The Hobbit, need to do more reading now that I'm unemployed, but have been getting through this Outlander book pretty fast lately.

Writing: This blog post and random e-mails

Listening: To the pug snoring next to me, people being noisy outside, and my fingers clacking away on the keyboard.

Thinking: That I am not looking forward to making this red wine braise alone.

Smelling:  The spray I put in my wet hair to keep it from getting damaged when I blow dry it. It smells great, I love it.

Wishing:  For a new job, to weigh ten pounds less, and for the snow to not show up tonight.

Hoping: That I get a good night's sleep for once tonight.

Wearing: Pajama pants with hearts on them that were a gift at my bachelorette party and a grey tank top. i do wear things other than pjs, I swear.

Loving: That I bought two birthday presents for my sismonster today.

Wanting:  To know where I'm going to work, where we're going to live, some kind of solid plan. I hate the unknown! (repeating this from last week...still true!!)

Needing: To get up and start dinner and to blow dry my fuzzy ass hair.

Feeling: Really sad about having to derail a pretty great plan because of stupid life and it's stupid twists and turns.

Clicking:  My old blog posts, been going through from the beginning to do a quality control check for the last two days and it's pretty hilarious to look back on.

A couple other things...

Last Sunday Night Dinner we made Blais' arroz con pollo and HOLY CRAP I don't know how to properly express how delicious this was. If ya'll want the recipe, let me know.

It's friggin' windy here. The bane of all girls with bangs' existence, I tells ya.



  1. How are you liking The Hobbit? I re-read it last year, and I had forgotten how much I loved it when we read it in seventh grade!

    1. I am liking it! I need to spend more time reading it though without distractions.