Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 Different Years, 3 Different Pictures

I totally stole this blog post idea from Mish. I'm a blog thief. Now you know.

I went through my files and found a picture from the same day and month (well, the last one is two days off to be honest) for the past three years just for a fun way to look back at how my life has changed.

Here are my three pictures, the first from April 24, 2011, the second from April 24, 2012, and the third from April 26, 2013.

April 24, 2011 - My bridal shower at a tea room in Ridgecrest, CA blogged about here. So many of the people I loved were there...just for me! It was an awesome day even though I look insane in every picture and I wish I was able to get all those ladies in a room together for some tea and laughs right now. 

April 24, 2012 - Photos taken for this blog post in our backyard in Ridgecrest, CA. Nothing special about that day, but these are by far some of my favorite blog pictures ever and some of the only pictures I actually think I look pretty darn good in. Oh man, I miss that backyard.

April 26, 2013 - Taken on a day trip to Leonardtown, MD blogged about here. This was when we were still falling in love with this place and enjoying our first spring here. I love Leonardtown and especially the wharf these pictures were taken at. It was a really lovely, relaxing day Mike and I spent together and looking at the pictures makes me really happy that we moved here.

So what does looking at these three pictures show us/me? First, I'm much more photogenic now than I was in 2011 (couldn't get that skill until AFTER your wedding, Valerie?!). Second, it's crazy how much can change in three short years. I'm married now and living across the country, let alone all the other big personality changes we've all gone through.

I wonder what April 24, 2014 will show. (Hopefully a job) (Maybe a baby bump?) (Probably just cocktails and selfies of me cutting my own bangs)