Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Unemployed. Again.

I keep writing this blog post in my mind and having to abandon it because it becomes a rant or inappropriate or just not something you want to put out there on the internet when you're applying for new jobs.

Let's just say, last Friday morning I had a job that I didn't love and wouldn't have stayed at my whole life, but that I still was giving my all to and cared about. Then by 9:15 a.m. Friday, I didn't have that job anymore. They decided to dissolve my position and oh man there is so much more I want to type, but we will leave it at that.

So, I'm unemployed again.

And yes, I didn't like working there so it's nice to not be there every day and yes maybe everything does happen for a reason and yes maybe it's a blessing in disguise and all that lovely happy stuff, but as of right now, I'm unemployed AGAIN and stressing about paying my bills AGAIN and putting big life plans on hold AGAIN.


This time around, I'm making myself some promises/goals/thoughts for my unemployment:
  • I will take the dogs on more walks (when all that ice melts)
  • I will put more effort into my blogging and styling
  • I will not feel bad about myself for being unemployed
  • I will remember to have taxes taken out of my unemployment (done!)
  • I will read more
  • I will e-mail my sister more (you're welcome, L)
  • I will make Mike leave me the car when it's warm enough for him to ride his bike to work so I can run errands during the day
  • I will enjoy sleeping in because man I missed that
  • I will not stalk my old employer on social media and feel bad about myself when I realize they've deleted me off of their website less than 24 hours after letting me go (ahem, I may have failed this one initially)

Let's do this unemployment you old sonofabitch!

Everything is going to be ALRIGHT...