Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Orleans!

I'm back!

The last couple of days, my husband and I have been in New Orleans with two of our best friends eating, drinking, walking, and talking our faces off. It was really fun, fattening, tiring, and just all around great.

I'm so glad we went and especially that we went with people who have the same travel priorities as us (food and drink, duh). New Orleans is a place that I now understand why people say you should go at least once. It's very unique and historic and at times really beautiful. I can't imagine myself going back though to be honest. I think I'm just too old and fussy to put up with the trash everywhere, the stink that clings to the streets, the club music pounding from the bars at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, or the mentally ill vagrants screaming about stabbing bitches while you're walking to dinner. BUT I did have an amazing time and made some great memories.

We stayed at this amazing Airbnb and we're so glad we did. Hotels can be crazy expensive there so it's nice that there are a ton of really quality Airbnb rentals available. This one was in a great location, it was the perfect size for two couples, and it was super cute to boot.

(I stole this photo from Airbnb btw)

The first morning, we were lucky to get reservations for jazz brunch at the Commander's Palace. If you watch any cooking or travel show that visit New Orleans, they always make a stop at Commander's Palace. Which could either mean that it's a cheesy tourist trap or it's amazing. Thank goodness it was the latter. The service was so friendly and quick and perfect and our food was delicious. I mean, my entree had duck fat hollandaise on it for chrissakes!!

We spent most of that day and the others walking our asses off all over that city, stopping for drinks along the way. We went to the WWII museum which was great, but a little overpriced and packed, Mike and I stopped at the Audubon Aquarium where I may or may not have fallen in love with a penguin, we toured a cemetery, had some really delicious meals including our last dinner at John Besh's Restaurant August which was...I mean...just so damn good.

We didn't take nearly enough pictures because we were too busy stuffing our faces with beignets and cocktails and catching up with old friends. Here are some that we did take in between bites and laughs.

(And then we came home to freezing cold wind. Dammit, Southern Maryland!)

I did not look like this much ass the whole trip...I swear.

I am obsessed with these beautiful trees.

The street music was really impressive. This group was the perfect blend of talent and hipsterness. Dreads is so serious man, I just want to hug him and then have him sing to me some more.

Annnnd some crappy cell phones pictures because it is me, after all.

Crawfish are creepy. Fact.

Purple house across the street, you are pretty darn cute.

It was cool to go into the oldest bar in the US until they started playing 90's R&B jams really loudly...

This penguin!! So serious, he was.

And a giant catfish to take us out...


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