Sunday, March 2, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Still reading the 4th Outlander book and The Hobbit. I've gotten re-sucked into the Outlander book this last week...oh man, it's gotten good!!

Writing: This blog post of course and that's about it other than the new resumes I need to be writing pretty soon now.

Listening: To the dogs tearing through the house and panting over their excitement. We stayed at my dad's this weekend and just got home after picking the dogs up from the kennel. They are always so excited to come home.

Thinking: That February really was the worst month ever and hopefully March makes up for it.

Smelling:  Stinky ole dogs and the rain outside.

Wishing:  For a great new job that will make this awfulness all worth it, some stability, and to be able to re-start some plans I've had to put on hold lately.

Hoping: Just for a good night's sleep and to feel less anxious in the morning.

Wearing: Pink and white VS pj pants and a white tank top; couldn't wait to peel off my clothes the second we got home...why does driving in a car for a couple hours make you just feel so gross afterwards? (Also, the cat hair)

Loving: The great meals and company we had this weekend.

Wanting:  A job...have I mentioned that? And for it NOT TO EFFING SNOW 6-10 INCHES TOMORROW, WHAT THE HELL SOUTHERN MARYLAND?!

Needing: To go take a shower, figure out dinner, and straighten up the house.

Feeling: Still pretty crappy, can't quite shake it.

Clicking:  Facebook, Netflix to cancel our dvd plan, and 1-800-Contacts to order more since I ruined my last three pairs crying so far this week. (dramatic)

A couple other things...

Sometimes they sit like this. What weirdos.

Mike got a fancy new haircut and shall henceforth be known as Dr. Haircut.



  1. yuck,sorry to hear about your job situation,i hope something comes quickly!!!!

    at least you have a cute dog and husband :)

    here is chicago we have been hit with horrible cold and snow every week,too,this is the winter that never ends!

  2. Bleh, February really was awful. I hope March is better for us both!

    Good luck on the job front! I've been there.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm banking on Spring being good for both of us!