Friday, March 28, 2014

Style Files - A Dress for a Busy Mom at a Wedding

Remember when I wrote about how much I love doing styling service for people here? I've been helping people out online as much as I can. No seriously, I stalk my friends on Pinterest and find pieces they pin so they can buy them without them asking me to. I'm creepy. Hashtag unemployed.

So I figured I'd post some of the requests and finds I've done for people as a weekly, monthly, who knows how often Style Files post.  Here's my first one!


Client D asked me to find her a dress to wear to a friend's wedding later this year in northern California. She isn't in the wedding, but her young son is. She'll need to be able to move around, bend down, basically wrangle her son the whole day so it couldn't be too short or tight. Her budget was $125.  Here are some of my favorite finds for D's request.

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8)  (9)  (10)  (11)  (12)  (13)

When it came to shoes, D is already pretty dang tall and she didn't want to tower over everyone in addition to the fact that she'll probably be chasing her little one around all day, so low heels were a must. This was actually harder than I thought! Here are some of my favorite finds for her shoes:

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8)

She ended up going with dress #2 in navy and is still working on the shoes. Here is how I would style her for the wedding:

Dress:  ASOS
Shoes:  Lulu's
Necklace:  OASAP


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