Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cardio is the Devil

My husband and I have settled into a workout routine where we rotate days between strength training and cardio. Yesterday we did cardio and tomorrow we do legs and abs, Friday we'll do cardio, Saturday we'll do chest, back, shoulders, and abs, Sunday we'll so cardio and then Monday we'll do biceps, triceps, and abs and repeat over and over.

Usually for cardio, we go for a run. We used to be much better at running when we lived in California where you could run outside all winter and not worry about freezing to death or slipping on ice. We had it down to doing about 4 miles every other night. And we actually liked it?! Since we moved here, we let our running really slip (and coincidentally, I've gained about 10lbs) and have been trying to build it back up.

(This is a long story, geez.)

Well, I have been just hating running lately. I cannot get my stamina back and on our 3 mile runs, I end up walking at least half a mile of it. And then I feel sad and fat and it's a viscous cycle. Also, they have no sidewalks here. It's very odd.

Yesterday I was not in a great mood and therefor was not looking forward to cardio when Mike got off work so we decided to mix it up and do something other than running. So we set off to the gym and made up a HIIT. And we were horrible at it, but we felt pretty great afterwards and we can't wait to do it again and hopefully get better at it.

So I thought I'd share it with you guys.

We did 45 seconds each of the following moves:

After doing each exercise for 45 seconds each without a rest, we would run 3 laps around the gym which equals about half a mile. Then we'd grab some water and do the routine through and run again.

For the third time around, we were so sweaty that our hands were slipping when doing the mountain climbers, so we switched that move out for:

We ended up doing the routine and running 3 times through and I hope next time we can do it 4 times through. We ran a little over a mile and sweated our asses off. Any exercise that makes my super fit husband quit before the time is over makes me feel great. Is that bad?

What is your favorite cardio?


  1. That's a great routine and just as effective (if not more) at fat burning as running! And soooo much less boring. Great job!

    1. Thanks L! It shows how good it is when Mike of all people was crapping out after one round. He can run full speed for a full soccer game, but this kicked his butt!