Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Work Style

One of the things I actually miss about working full time is the outfits. I have so many super cute dresses that I love to wear and remix for work that are just sitting in my closet all sad and lonely.

Recently, DX Mall sent me a couple great dresses that I cannot wait to wear to my next job.

The one below may be a littttle too tight or short for work, but I think it would look cute with a skirt over it to make it a little longer. I toned it down by wearing flats instead of heels and I really love the look.

The lace collar is really cute and is really is the focal piece of the outfit so I kept my accessories simple.

Dress:  c/o DX Mall
Shoes:  Nine West Outlet, Similar
Earrings:  Borrowed, Similar

I love shopping DX Mall's site because they have some super cute, on trend pieces for great prices and free shipping. The quality of all the pieces I received was great; especially for the price. One thing I learned though is that you HAVE to size up. A couple of my pieces weren't wearable because they were too snug on me, but I wanted to share them here anyway because they're so darn cute. (My ex-coworker's teenage daughter is getting these next time I see her mom, but she doesn't know it yet..lucky girl!)

I am so so sad this shirt didn't fit. It is so cute (stupid boobs).
Find it here.

I'm not sure her mom is going to love me giving her this skirt, but it's so cute and comfy...just a litttle too short on my big booty.
Find it here.

Do you look forward to dressing up for work?


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