Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Just finished Gathering Blue (the second book in the Giver series) and The Fault in Our Stars because I had to see what all the hype was about (teeeearrrrrsss) and am currently reading David Cross' book I Drink For A Reason which is effing hilarious.

Writing: This blog post and that's it. Nothing going on today. I almost sent a really whiny panic attacky email last night to an old coworker as I was having an anxiety attack about getting laid off and couldn't sleep, but I didn't. Do you ever get over the guilt of being laid off and worrying about being hated at your old job? I'm waiting to get over it...

Listening: To Mike making his delicious scrambled eggs that I can't partake in (stupid diet) and a rerun of House playing on Netflix.

Eating:  A shake for breakfast (I say again, stupid diet) and will follow it up with some fruit in a minute.

Wishing/Hoping:  That something Mike really wants happens and that those ground floor apartments at the Navy Yard with the tiny little yards were affordable for us (they aren't, but a girl can dream).

Wearing: Pink long pj shorts (the least sexy shorts in the world, I tell ya'), a white tank, and a leopard print cardigan. I look super sexy.

Loving: That Sunday mean soccer day, that we're going to the pool in between games today, that we are going to this in a couple days, that Anthony Bourdain was on the nerdist and he was awesome, and that these workout tanks are so cheap at Old Navy right now.

Wanting:  A job and some future security are what I always want, but on a more shallow note...this whole outfit, this amazingly nerdy embroidery hoop, and this super cute dress.

Needing: To do our cardio today (I think we're opting for a lonnnng walk on the base instead of running because I am lazy and Mike has two soccer games today), to take a shower, to clean up my pile of clothes in the bedroom, and to take photos for the blog.

Feeling: Sleepy and anxious. I didn't sleep well last night and I can't shake my anxiety from before I fell asleep. Going to take it easy today and try to think happy thoughts.

Clicking:  Filing my webcert for unemployment (I never remember to do this until I start this blog post btw) and not much else. Time to get off my butt and go for a walk.

A couple other things...

It was Negroni Week! We celebrated several times, of course.

First pool visit of the summer, huzzah!

The only good thing about being on a diet is the excuse to eat tons of fruit. Nectarine and watermelon bowls are my fave right now.



  1. Thanks for linking to my Harry Potter embroidery hoop! ^-^

    1. I originally saw it on this post: (wanted to give her credit). It is so dang cute, I think I may have to get it for my bedroom!!