Thursday, June 19, 2014

Comfy Dresses & Cute Necklaces

Lately I've noticed that my favorite outfits revolve around two things:  comfy dresses and cute necklaces. I guess I figure that as long as my accessories are special, it doesn't matter that I'm basically wearing pajama dresses? It seems to work so I'm going with it.

I snagged this dress on a super J.Crew Factory sale and it is just so damn cute, cheery, and comfy. I love it. i do need to get it hemmed so I can wear it with flats and not trip on my face though...

Dress:  J.Crew Factory
Necklace:  c/o DXMall
Shoes:  Dr. Scholl's
Side note: those Dr. Scholl's wedges are so g-damn comfortable, I cannot even explain how comfortable they are. It's amazing.

This dress is another J.Crew Factory find and it's basically a giant sweatshirt. Which is as comfortable as it sounds.

Dress:  J.Crew Factory
Necklace:  c/o DXMall
Shoes:  Bamboo via Amazon
Sunburn: lack of foresight and intelligence

I wore this outfit the other day when I had to spend a couple hours at an unemployment seminar teaching me how to job search and write a resume (cough cough not helpful cough cough). I wanted to be comfortable, but still cute and this dress is usually the first thing I reach for in those situations, but I also didn't want to show the large amount of cleave that this dress usually presents. My super cute new bib necklace covered that right up and added some color to the outfit. Perfect!

Dress:  Forever21
Necklace:  c/o DXMall
Sandals:  Forever21

In case you've never ordered from DXMall, these necklaces are all super cute and good quality. The first and last run about six bucks and the middle only about eleven which are great prices for statement necklaces like these. The middle necklace is lighter than it looks and made of plastic, but doesn't look cheap. I would definitely recommend DXMall for jewelry, you can find great, trendy pieces at super low prices.


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