Friday, June 13, 2014

iPhone Dump

When Mike plays soccer on Sundays, I get to hang out with one of his teammate's dog, Daisy. She is adorable and super smart and I love petting her fluffy butt all day.

Mike - soccer stud!

Pug bugging.

Now that the weather is so nice, Gizmo has been making me stop to lay in the shade every single afternoon walk. It's really nice and makes him so happy.

My hair is so fluffy here during the summer so I've given up trying to have it down. For an event earlier in the week, I went with a giant braid ponytail. I dug it.

We went to Dine N' Dash in DC on Tuesday and it was amazing. I still have a food hangover. Mike was so in his element and he ended up powering through and eating at every single restaurant long after I crapped out.

Why hello DC. The night view from our Airbnb apartment.

So this is city living?? Check out that kitchen?!!

The windows sure were nice though, but not worth the lack of A/C.

We got to sit for a bit on the mall and read while lunchtime joggers made us feel guilty for not working out.
(Dear parents sitting next to me, what you are looking at is not the White House, you're totally lying to your kid right now)

This photo of Gizmo smiling in his sleep made my whole damn week.

I've given up on life and am going for drawstring shorts this summer. Once you go full fat, you never go back.

Found at our local weird little Asian grocery. Awww New Orleans memories!


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