Monday, June 9, 2014

Unemployment Goals

When I first became unemployed this time, I wrote here about some goals/promises I made myself to ensure that this unemployment was different from my last, more miserable one. I thought I'd check back and see how I am doing on those goals since I am generally horrible at keeping up with things like this.

The goal:  I will take the dogs on more walks (when all that ice melts). How I'm doing:  I'm better about dog walks this time around; going farther in the mornings when it's not as hot. I still prefer to wait for Mike to get home because Tuffy tends to lose his pug shit when he sees another dog. I have taken a couple of times to lay in the sun with the pups on nice days during walks and they love that.

The goal:  I will put more effort into my blogging and styling.  How I'm doing:  Styling-wise I've been doing pretty well with my effort. I've been blogging more too, but I've hit a little wall lately as all my outfit pictures look like ass and I'm trying to figure out why.

A page from a lookbook I made for a new client.

The goal:  I will not feel bad about myself for being unemployed.  How I'm doing:  I'm mostly rocking at this. Every once in a while, I'll get all pouty and feel bad for myself, but mostly I realize this was for the best and there was very little I could have done to keep this from happening.

The goal:  I will remember to have taxes taken out of my unemployment.  How I'm doing:  I'm pretttty sure I requested this, but the amount coming in every week is even so it freaks me out that I didn't do this...

The goal:  I will read more.  How I'm doing:  Great! I was stuck on the Outlander series for a while which, though they're good books, can be kind of slow. Since it's summer and I'm home alone all day, I've been reading quick, easy, fun reads. Recently, I've read The Fault in Our Stars, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Giver, and Gathering Blue and am currently reading David Cross' I Drink for a Reason.

From my Goodreads account, I love lists.

The goal:  I will e-mail my sister more (you're welcome, L).  How I'm doing:  Good, I think? L?

The goal:  I will make Mike leave me the car when it's warm enough for him to ride his bike to work so I can run errands during the day.  How I'm doing:  We've only done this once so far, but we're talking about doing it more often. It's hard because we prefer to run our errands together so there's not much I could use the car for during the day.

The goal:  I will enjoy sleeping in because man I missed that.  How I'm doing:  Oh mannnn do I enjoy it. Lately, the dogs have been wanting to get up earlier and earlier, but I'm counting sleeping in until 7:00 as a win.

The goal:  I will not stalk my old employer on social media and feel bad about myself when I realize they've deleted me off of their website less than 24 hours after letting me go (ahem, I may have failed this one initially).  How I'm doing:  Oh man, fail. I totally do this like once a week and then feel horrible about myself all day. Social media can be the worst. But I did just edit out a super snarky comment I wrote in this post, so that's mature, right?


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