Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things I Don't Like

When I'm browsing Pinterest while on the toilet and come upon something that looks really tasty. That's just weird and wrong (because I'm on the toilet) (I'm gross)


This whole "related pin" thing on Pinterest. I'm very picky about who I follow on Pinterest, I don't want random stuff popping up. I'm also inclined to think this is, in some way, an ad right?

Fangirling. I saw someone compliment a famous person's nail beds on Instagram today. NAIL BEDS. Also the whole "where did you get that" of everything any blogger or famous person posts is just the worst. Especially when it's tagged in the picture or links to the blog post that would tell you. Take 30 seconds to think before you fangirl all over that person's face, k?
I dunno, I think it bugs me because it often sounds like the fangirls don't like their own likes/homes/lives as they obsess over everything these bloggers/famous chicks do. They are normal people too guys, it's not THAT exciting to have long nail beds. Calm down.

People that use the following hashtags:  #blessed #paleo #cleaneating #glutenfree #whole30 #fitisthenewskinny
Stop it.


That Altidore got hurt the other night. Not only does that suck for the team, but it sucks for me too because I like lookin' at him.

People who leave trash outside the trash compactor at my apartment complex because they are too lazy to open the door and shove it in.


The fact that we haven't been to the gym in over a week and I therefore feel super sleepy and lazy.


How short my attention span is while working. I can only read the words "obsidian flakes" so many times before my eyes glaze over. Which you know, is not great for a tech writer/editor. (I pull it together boss lady, I swears)

My attention span is generally evidenced by how many selfies I take a day.

Didn't this blog post make you feel all positive and warm and fuzzy?

You're welcome.


  1. Do other people hate the related pins? I freaking love them. I feel like that's how I find half the stuff I pin. And I'm SO with you on the hashtags. I don't care if you're #cleaneating. I'm ordering #dominos. Good for me.

  2. I keep wishing for a "hate" button on Pinterest

    1. Seriously! The amount of times I've been tempted to start a board dedicated to horrendous or ridiculous things on Pinterest is crazy.