Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Just finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane which good. Thanks Betsy for recommending it here. I'm re-sucked into the fifth Outlander book and may start another throw away book soon. Can't wait for this to come out because it's going to be highly inappropriate

Writing: Today, this blog post. Over the week, I wrote a bunch of e-mails about my first week of part time work (wahoo!) and about hotels in Orlando for our Christmas family vacation. We booked this one. We're super excited. It'll be like our New Orleans trip except it won't ever smell like garbage or pee. (Sorry New Orleans, but you totally smell)

Listening: To Mike watched a 30 by 30 (or is it 30 for 30? I forget) documentary on the World Cup to get pumped up for that starting soon. I see myself spending a lot of days at Ruddy Duck watching soccer games and drinking beer. Thankfully, their beer is amazing. 

Thinking: That I'm getting rid of thinking on here from now on because it's basically the same as wanting and wishing and hoping so we're gonna condense.

Smelling Eating:  I'm never smelling anything so I'm changing it up. Right now, I'm only eating coffee, but plan to get off my butt soon and either snatch up a scone or some raisin bran crunch with almond milk. My diet says to do the cereal...

Wishing/Hoping:  These are the same dang thing. Wishing and hoping that I could parlay this part time job to a full time job. I like the work, I feel challenged, my boss is awesome, the pay is good, and I can do it from home. Dream job! 

Wearing: Pink long pj shorts (the least sexy shorts in the world, I tell ya') and a white tank. Not cute.

Loving: The beautiful weather we've been having and that Mike has two soccer games today that I get to go watch. I love his teammates, I love sitting out in the sun enjoying the weather, and I love watching him do something he loves and is so good at.

Wanting:  This dress. It's just summer, you know? That dress IS summer. And these work out pants because they are cute and I wear the same pair of Nike work out pants constantly and they are getting faded. Fun fact: I don't like to work out or run in shorts. It drives me nuts when my legs touch when I'm running. I'm weird.

Needing: To take a shower and get ready and to take some outfit photos for upcoming blog posts. It was so much easier when we had a backyard!

Feeling: Sleepy and I'm trying to find the word for stressed out about my future, but also excited about it and wishing things would fall into place, but also loving where I am right now. You know?

Clicking:  Filing my webcert for unemployment (first time I've had to enter wages!), Reddit, Amazon, and this.

A couple other things...

Hey @Laura Jayson Lupei wanna do this to get motivated/kick our butts? 30 Day Ab Challenge! #abs #challenge #workout
My sister and I are starting this Ab Challenge today if you want to join along.

I am kind of obsessed with the enrichment videos the National Zoo has been posting on Facebook like this one. I watch them way too many times...



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