Friday, June 27, 2014

The Fails of Spring

Remember here when I talked about my ABCs of Spring? Well, it's Summer now technically so I'm looking back and realizing I did none of this shit.  Whoops. That's the problem with goals, right?

Here is what I said I wanted to do this Spring and what we actually did:

Annapolis (visit Annapolis more):  We only visited Annapolis once to celebrate our anniversary in May. We did find an awesome new bar on that trip so that was pretty successful. (My measurement system relies on booze, mostly)

Brewery (check out the brewery in Prince Frederick):  Didn't visit the local brewery. 

Celtic Festival (get Mike to take me to the Celtic festival):  Mike wouldn't go.

Dogs (take the dogs out more):  We did take a ton of dog walks and lay in the shade with Gizmo a lot. They haven't gone on any trips yet, but we are bringing them with us on our upcoming camping trip so we'll see how that goes.

Eat better:  HEY! I actually did okay at this! (Says the girl who had a bloody mary at 10am today)

Family (see my local family more):  We did good at this too! We've had quite a few visits with my dad and step-mom.

Get out more:  We've done okay with this, taking a lot of long walks by the water on the base and going out every Sunday to watch Mike play soccer.

Harbor (visit National Harbor):  Nope, didn't do that.

Internet Less:  N.O.P.E. That's all I ever do dude between editing, styling, and job searching. Also, googling interviews with the kids from Glee. All important stuff.

Jeans (get through the whole Spring without wearing stupid jeans):  I wore boyfriend jeans the other day, dammit. 

Keep it local (actually make it to the farmer's market):  We are awful at this. Just awful.

Laura & Brian (get them to visit us):  Nope, they hate us.

Mt. Vernon (visit and maybe take the dogs on dog day):  Nope.

Nationals (go to a Naitonals game):  Nope. Drove by it a bunch of times, does that count?

Outdoors (go for more hikes):  Nope, the last snake sighting scarred me for life. That thing was big.

Passport DC (tour the embassies):  Totally forgot this existed.

Quit being so lazy:  Ummmmm....I'm gonna say nope.

Running:  We have gotten better at cardio by running in between sets on weightlifting days, adding HIITs to cardio days when it's too hot to run, and doing hills on the treadmill on our lazy days. But we could definitely still be much better.

Spend more time focusing on positive things:  Yes! I'm totally doing this!! Well today I'm pretty down on myself about my job search, but more often than not I'm pretty positive.

Travel:  Not enough, but traveling costs money so I'll give myself an out on this one.

Unemployed no more:  NOPE. (Val sucks)

Virginia Wine:  Nope. I mean we've drank some, but haven't visited any wineries.

Work:  Kind of, part time unscheduled work which is better than nothing I guess.

X:  Seriously? What the hell do I use for this letter? To not have to get x-rays? X-tend the good weather?

Yoga:  Nope. I guess that answers the "be less lazy" question.

Zoo:  Nope! I miss you baby panda!

Soo....let's do better this summer Val!


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