Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday, Taking Pictures, & Other Stuff

I'm trying to be more present and on my phone less when I'm out doing things. Like, not whipping out my phone and taking photos of every meal I eat, no matter how pretty it happens to be. I end up with a lot less pictures of my day, but looking over at the table next to me at a fancy restaurant and seeing every girl sitting there with their faces pressed to their iPhone screen makes me really sad. I end up with less pictures for this blog, but it's worth it to actually be present in the moments. You know?

All this to say, we went to the awesome Historic St. Mary's Beer Fest on Saturday and I barely took any pictures. But it was great fun like always.

We:  went to the gym for the first time in two weeks (ouch), went to the Beer Fest, drank beer, ate a bunch of Indian food, drank more beer, Mike then ate a braut (which does not mix well in your stomach with Indian food FYI), left the Beer Fest and stopped to pick up some beers for home where I realized the liquor store had soft serve so I ran outside to get cash from Mike so I could get one because I'm basically a 7 year old, watched a soccer game at home, fell asleep, ate a weird dinner because we really need to go grocery shopping, found out Mike doesn't like grilled cheese sandwiches (divorce?), watched a bunch of episodes of House, went to bed.

It was a pretty great Saturday.

Here are the pictures I did take:

My date was super handsome.

Even on a gloomy day, this place is so damn pretty.

I tried to start my yearly, summer reading of HP, but fell asleep instead. Whoops.  Hashtag day drinking.

Tuffy did not appreciate sharing a pillow with me.

Gizmo is just happy to be a dog.


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