Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - 5 Blogs We Love

For day 19 of the Blog Every Day in May Link Up, we're supposed to tell you about 5 blogs we love and why.  Here are mine!

Nat The Fat Rat (now Hey Natalie Jean)

(1) My absolute favorite blog of all time is Nat The Fat Rat.  Up until her, I had been haphazardly blogging and reading pretty much solely fashion blogs.  Then I found her and read her entire archives in one weekend.  She was the first lifestyle blog I'd ever read and the first really true-to-herself, silly, weird, random blogger I'd encountered.  Her blog is cute and silly and makes you feel like you're part of her life and really makes you want to be her best friend.  (That makes me sound creepy)

(2)  Couldawouldapica is a DC blogger who blogs about fashion, life, recipes, design, and her love for DC.  She's one of the only bloggers I read who isn't out there putting her blog button all over other people's pages, trolling for affiliate links, or pushing sponsors.  In fact, it took me ages to find an actual picture of her to post on here, she's too busy posting beautiful pictures of the city she loves and her adorable dog.  She's just herself and blogs about whatever she wants to; it's really refreshing.


(3)  Kendi Everyday is the first fashion blog I ever found and she's still my favorite.  She is really one of those rare blog success stories that starts with a regular Joe taking poorly lit outfit pictures and ends with them being one of the biggest bloggers out there making their living in the fashion industry.  And she's cute and down to earth to boot, love her!

(4)  If ever there were a blogger that I could meet in real life and feel completely comfortable with and have an immediate bond, it would be Mish.  I feel like she's an Asian, prettier version of me.  Seriously you guys, she's so weird.  I love her.  Her blog has BLOWN up in the last couple of years, especially since she quit her job and spent six months travelling the world with her hunk of a boyfriend.  She's hilarious and inappropriate and I just love to read her blog.

(5)  I love reading Faux Fancy because these girls are real and you can tell they really love the things they're blogging about.  Their blog eats, sleeps, and breathes blogging and you can tell their love for all things fashion, DIY, cooking, and event planning in their posts.  Also, I know MK in real life and I'm pretty sure that crazy bitch is my spirit animal.

What are your favorite blogs?


  1. Awww I love this! Thank you so much! :) Nat The Fat Rat & Kendi Everyday are definitely my daily must-reads as well!


  2. Love this! Definitely following these blogs now!!


  3. Uh MISH FOR LIFE. I think if I ever meet her in person, I'm gonna fan-girl to the max. haha