Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Year Ago

I love this post that Mish did comparing where she was a year ago to where she is now by looking at her blog post from a year ago today.  So I'm copying her.  Because I'm a copy cat and that is that.

Here is the picture I'm using from this post that I wrote a year ago today.


- We were on a trip visiting my dad and Monica on the East Coast and we spent the whole time talking about how much we wanted to move there
- I had bangs...oh I miss those bangs
- I was thinner, man what the hell happened?
- We had just celebrated our first anniversary and made it through a tough and awesome year
- We lived in a home we owned and loved
- I hated my job
- I was in grad school and about ready to die from it
- I had no idea what the future held

And here we are a year later:


- We live on the East Coast...crazy!
- My bangs are gone and in their place is my giant forehead
- We just celebrated our second anniversary and our relationship is better than ever
- We miss our home and rent an apartment we don't love, but are having fun deciding where the heck to buy a house one day
- I don't have a job and I love/hate that
- We miss our friends terribly
- I'm done with grad school!  And with no job to show for it. Hurumph.
- We definitely have a better grasp on what the future holds a year later and are working towards making it happen...

It's crazy how different everything is, but even with missing people and money problems and not having a job, I'm still so much happier than I was this time last year.  Here's to he future!


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