Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - A Day In My Life

For Day 15 of the Blog Every Day in May Link Up, we're supposed to do a post showing a day in our lives.    I did this same post a little while back seen here, but might as well do it again!  (Spoiler:  not much has changed except I'm even more boring now)

7:30 - Woke up, cuddled the dogs, checked my e-mail, lazed in bed.
7:45 - Got up, put in my contacts, put on some more appropriate clothes and took the dogs for a walk.
8:00 - Fed the dogs breakfast and got myself some coffee.
8:15 - Drank coffee while answering e-mails and checking out pointless web sites.
9:00 - Ate breakfast in bed while watching an old season of Top Chef with the pups.
9:15 - Took a shower.
9:30 - Remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures of my day for this blog post.  Whoops.
9:45 - I actually did my hair and makeup today!!  Also tried on fifteen different outfits for my Skype interview.

10:15 - Got ready for my interview and did a couple of blogs.

11:00 - Interviewed with an awesome lady for a super cool internship.
11:30 - Was offered the internship.  Wahoo!!

She'll probably regret hiring me after seeing this picture...

11:45 - Celebrated with a tasty lunch of Panera tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, one of my favorite meals ever.

12:00 - And some cookies for dessert of course.

12:05 - Mike came home from work and I sat with him while he ate and we read Harry Potter together.  Because, in case you hadn't noticed, we're nerds.
12:30 - Played with the pups.
1:00 - Watched the Mindy Show season finale.
1:30 - Looked at Reddit.  (My unemployed life is super exciting you guys.)
2:00 - Played Batman Legos.

2:45 - Took the dogs for a walk where I had to pick a dirty animal bone out of Tuffy's mouth.  Gross.

3:00 - Had a snack in bed with the pups because...what else am I supposed to do all day?  (Fat Kid)

3:10 - Watched old Top Chef in bed and cuddled the dogs.  Please do enjoy my double chin in this picture.

Tuffy did not enjoy my smooches.

4:00 - Got sleepy so I reheated some super old coffee and ate two more cookies.  (Super Fat Kid)

4:30 - Fed the pups.

5:00 - Mike came home and we talked and got ready for the night.
5:30 - Went for a run.  It is hot as sh*t out there today so when we were done I looked like this hot mess.

6:00 - Took the pups for another walk.

6:15 -  Off to the gym for shoulders and abs.

I earned the gym rat badge on Foursquare the other day which I am freakishly proud of.

7:30 - Target for snacks and sunscreen.
8:00 - Dinner!  Chicken and brussel sprouts tonight.  Oh MAN how I effing love brussel sprouts.  No joke, I can go to town on those bad boys.

8:30 - Played with the dogs while Mike cleaned the kitchen.
8:45 - Read Harry Potter and drank some wine.

9:30 - Walked the dogs again.
10:00 - Showered while Mike ironed his clothes for the next day.
10:30 - In bed with Mike, the pups, and some 30 Rock.
11:00 - To sleep!

(I'm so sorry you had to read this whole thing)


  1. I love Brussel Sprouts too!! Great post and I love the pics. Such a pleasure to find your blog through Jenni's challenge! Love it!!

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for following! Duuude how good are brussel sprouts?! Have you ever tried them with some lemon juice and siracha? It's gooood.

  2. Wow! Looks like a great day! Congrats on that internship and I love that polka dot top you wore for your skype interview!


    1. Thank you! I got that top at New York & Co. Love it!