Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - A Vivid Memory

Today is the last day of the Blog Every Day in May Link Up!  Are you so glad I won't be bombarding you with posts every day?!  For our last post, we're supposed to talk about a vivid memory we have.  Here's mine:

As you've heard me lament before on this here blog, I have a horrible memory. I  forget things the second they happen and I often end up getting confused about whether or not something actually happened or I imagined it.  Unless it's something really bad.  Those memories I usually can't shake.  But I've written about enough dark things on here this month so we'll go with something happy.

One good vivid memory of Mike and I is from the day we got engaged.  I can remember how I felt sitting in that jewelry store literally sweating from the stress and excitement of trying on engagement rings.  I can remember picking out the one I liked and Mike telling the salesman that he wasn't going to be able to get me to give it back to have it sized.  And I can remember Mike stopping me outside the store to spur of the moment ask me to marry him.  But most of all, I can remember the feeling of elation we both had the rest of the day; shopping and eating lunch, and walking around.  We walked through the stores, hand-in-hand, with huge goober smiles on our faces.  It was a fantastic, memorable, and romantic day in our own weird little way and I hope I never forget it.

Right after he proposed.  You can read the long version here.


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