Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunny Day

There are days I hate being unemployed.  It makes me feel useless and pathetic and terrified.  But then there are days when on my afternoon walk, my pug finds a patch of grass he loves and starts euphorically rolling around in it.  And I let him do it because he looks so incredibly happy and excited about this patch of grass.  And I stand there for so long, that my corgi gets tired and lays down in the grass panting and squinting up at the sun.  And an idea comes to me that I should keep the dogs out here; enjoying the grass and the sun and the rare moment of perfect weather in this otherwise rainy week.  So I tie their leashes up to a tree outside our apartment and plop down on a towel with my kindle and a bowl of water for the pups.  And just like that, unemployment isn't so bad.  Because today, on a Monday, I'm outside sitting with my feet in the grass, the sun on my face, a breeze ruffling through my hair, and my two sweet pups laying beside me staring out at the world.  And then I just feel nothing but lucky.


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