Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Advice

For Day 8 of the Blog Every Day in May Link Up, we're supposed to give you a piece of advice.  As someone currently sitting at home at 10:00am, unshowered, in leggings, and with nothing to do the rest of the day...this was kind of daunting.  Who am I to give anyone advice?  But, I'm gonna anyways.  Deal with it.  (I'm sassy today)

Here goes:

Buy a bra that fits properly.  That seems like a stupid thing to advise people on and everyone probably already does it, but yeah no, we don't.  I wore cheap, ill-fitting bras forever.  And it makes you look schlumpy and chubby and uncomfortable.  Like this:

Okay, that's a bad picture of me anyways, but seriously.  My boobs look horrendous in that this.  And I look far fatter than I should.  And here it is with a properly fitting bra:

My boobs are like 18 inches closer to the waistband of that dress in the first picture.  Also, I miss my bangs. Anyways, buy a good bra.  It's more comfortable and you look way better.  I just got a great bra from True&Co.  They send you 5 bras to try on and you keep what you want and get charged for those and return the rest with free shipping. It's pretty awesome.  I got this bra.  It's comfortable as crap (isn't that a lovely way to describe that?) and my boobs look great in it.  And no, this post isn't sponsored by True&Co (I wish) I just really effing love my new bra.

What's your best piece of advice?  Is it as silly and pointless as mine?


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